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What is Google Adwords? How to use it?

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Google AdWords is a system that allows you to more easily reach users looking for your business' products or services. Its measurable feature and the fact that you only pay for the clicks you receive make it almost the first advertising choice of many companies.
Google is a search engine that has been in use since 1998 and today, with an average of more than 2 million searches per minute, it is the search engine preferred by the world's most and 99% of internet users in Turkey. With Google AdWords, which was introduced in the early 2000s by Google, which improves its technology day by day, it has gained a different and very important dimension in the search for information, products and services over the internet.
AdWords ads serve all small, medium and large-scale businesses. When you are included in this system, you can specifically target and show your ads by determining the search queries that your target audience can make, the websites, categories and topics that they can visit. In this way, Google can show your ads in the search field with the keyword phrases you want. At the same time, you can show your ads visually on Google-contracted websites, and you can even target users who visit the page with more affordable costs thanks to remarketing. This allows you to add users who not only know you but also users who do not know you to your potential customer portfolio.

Google Ad models;
• Search ads
• Display ads
• Video ads and
• App ads
can be listed as. In order to be included in the Google AdWords system with one of these advertising models, you first need to decide why you want your business to be preferred over competing businesses. Remember that AdWords is a system that can be used globally and is preferred by different businesses as you prefer. In this way, you will also take the first step for an effective AdWords usage.
How to Use Google Adwords?
When using AdWords ads, there are priority issues to be considered. Account setup, technical requirements, ad/promotional content and rhetoric that can make a difference, account management, keeping up with the ever-changing competition, regular tracking/optimization and reporting are some of these issues. You need to clarify and plan these as soon as possible. In this way, you will have a more advanced targeting opportunity according to the results you obtain in the roadmap you have drawn for your ads.

When using Google AdWords, you should pay attention to the following;
• Determining your budget in the best way
• Doing keyword research well
• Focused on attracting customers
• Good control of the opened pages
• Leveraging both search and display ad networks
• Utilize search terms reports
• Analyzing results well and making optimizations accordingly
• Good location targeting
If you pay attention to the items mentioned above, the use of Google AdWords will provide a qualified and continuous return to your website. The only thing you need to do in Google ads is to make good controls and optimizations based on these controls.
Google AdWords is an account that can be opened and used individually, but by working with Easy Medya, which works with a good team and is a Google Partner, you can facilitate much more return to your company. We also recommend you to read about UTM link sources, which are very important in digital ads.

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