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What is Google EAT? Why is it necessary for SEO?

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There are many sites on the Internet. It is not a necessity but a necessity for businesses that want to sell products and services to have a website. In addition, there is a serious competition in the internet world. In particular, businesses in similar sectors want to take a step forward in reaching potential consumers and directing them to purchasing behaviour by developing their websites.
SEO; is a concept defined as search engine optimisation. It has a special importance for every business, regardless of small, medium and large. It contributes greatly to increasing brand awareness. In addition, businesses; They attract visitors to their websites organically. Adwords is an option that reduces the budget. It appeals to those who think long-term marketing work. In addition, it enables businesses to obtain quality traffic, especially through strategic SEO efforts.

What is Google EAT?
Google EAT should be expressed as E-A-T. It is known as the abbreviation of the initials of the English equivalents of expertise, competence and reliability criteria. These three criteria were announced by Google within the scope of search quality evaluation guidelines. They are important criteria in determining the general content quality of websites.
E-A-T can be defined as the use of data on expertise, competence and reliability obtained from websites by Google to make search results much more efficient. Google; Thanks to the data obtained with E-A-T, it understands whether any site is reliable or not. In addition, the most precise information about the existence of an expert and competent website is obtained.

What are the E-A-T Criteria?
EAT criteria can be explained as follows:
• Expertise: The person who writes any content on the website must be an expert in the subject in question. Google; gives great importance to the expertise criterion. It is an important issue for websites that want to gain Google's trust to have their content prepared by experts.
• Credibility: There are a number of factors that determine whether a website is reliable in Google's eyes. At this point, a website should definitely include about us, imprint, privacy policy and contact sections.
• Competence: It has an important place among the EAT criteria. It is important that the links to the website and the articles mentioning the brand belong to reliable sources. Google gives its grade to the site in question by looking at the competence criterion.

Why is EAT Necessary for SEO?
Google has made some explanations about the EAT criteria. It stated that the concept of EAT does not directly affect the search results of any website. However, this does not mean that there is no relationship between EAT and SEO. EAT criteria affect search quality evaluators, albeit indirectly. It is extremely important that people trust the brand, consume the content on the site safely, and make positive comments about the brand on the internet.
If Google's Search Quality Assessors rate a website favourably, Google will use these assessments to determine the search results. As a result, the website will be rewarded in the long run thanks to Google EAT. Both the business and the website will gain credibility.

How to Optimise According to Google EAT Guidelines?
It is important for businesses to pay attention to a number of issues regarding optimisation.
• Professional documents about the business should be published.
• Both real and quality content should be offered.
• The contents should be renewed regularly.
• Comments and evaluations about the site should be received from visitors and customers.
• A Wikipedia page should be created for the brand.
• Pages such as cookie and privacy policy, KVKK Information Text should definitely be included on the site.
• There should be a forum on the site. In this way, a platform is created where visitors can exchange ideas.

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