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How to Do Professional SEO Work?

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How to do SEO work? The answer to the question may take long hours and days. The word SEO stands for Search engine optimisation. SEO work for search engines consisting of approximately 250 criteria goes through a long process. The effects of these criteria on ranking are You can do SEO work individually, but with professional help, you can fulfil these criteria in a shorter time. I will explain how to do professional and word-based SEO work in 2 stages. These stages; It consists of on-site optimisation and off-site optimisation. In order to be successful in the information we will explain below, your site must comply with these rules.

Professional SEO Analysis
Before starting SEO work, your site must be analysed correctly. Do not forget to test the competitor, sector and keyword selection and analysis, the compatibility of your site, the analysis of external links (backlinks). What you should pay attention to when doing professional SEO analysis;

How to Make In-Site Optimisation?
On-site optimisation covers the part of the site that users and search engine bots will see. In order to get maximum efficiency in your on-site optimisation work, the infrastructure of your site must comply with these requests.

It is easy for your site to get indexed, but it has a complex functioning system. I want to tell you how to get your site indexed. There are pinging sites that make the index process paid and free. However, the most accurate indexing method is natural. Google search engine, which is the most widely used search engine in Turkey, you can ensure that your site or pages are indexed by using the "Fetch Like Google" feature in Webmaster Tools. If you enter content regularly, you can ensure that Google bots come to your site regularly by Fetch for a week. When you enter content regularly and unless you have a server-based problem, your pages will be indexed regularly. In the past, the importance of the tag was very high. Now overused tags cause problems for the site. For this reason, take care not to use more than 2 - 3 tags. The tags you use will also increase your index number in search engines. If you have 404 pages indexed in search engines, you should detect them and report them. Incorrect pages reduce the value of your site and cause you to lose visitors.

In order for your site to be crawled correctly and quickly, your robots.txt file must be installed. Thanks to the robots.txt file, you can tell search engine bots which pages of your site you want or do not want to be indexed. You can find out if your site has a robots.txt file by typing domain.com/robots.txt. The presence of this file shows that you are search engine friendly.

Domain is the most important element of your site and your company. Especially if you are going to do word-based SEO work, the domain is one of the major factors. For example; You want to be on the first page in the words alacati hotel, alacati hotels, alacati hotels. If your domain address is alacatiotelleri.com, you will have a great advantage. Search engines like short domains more. By getting SSL for your domain address, you can make your site more reliable in the eyes of search engines. We can list the importance of domain extensions for our country as follows. • .com (has priority globally)
• .com.tr (the most prestigious extension for Turkey)
• .gen.tr (Effective due to its Tr extension)
• .net
• .org
• Other TR extensions
• Other extensions

Domain Age
The older a site to do SEO work, the more SEO work is efficient. A site to do SEO work must be active for at least 6 months. You can do SEO work on a newly opened site and put the site in spam.

A sitemap helps search engines easily see the latest changes on your site. Sitemaps should update themselves automatically. If your sitemap is not automatically updated, you should update your sitemap every time you add a post. You can separate sitemaps according to their category or type. It will be to your advantage to create different sitemaps.

Canonical Url
The same content on more than one page is perceived as duplicate content by search engines. To save your site from this situation, I recommend using Canonical Url, an SEO compatible tag. Canonical Url, which is used to prevent content and link-based conflicts, can also be used as Rel Canonical, which stands out with its similarity to meta tags.

Features It is a feature that e-commerce and multi-category sites should prefer. It provides faster navigation of a site consisting of subcategories. Breadcrumbs provides convenience for search engine bots as well as convenience for visitors to your site. Example: Home > Property > Residential > For Sale > Residence

Broken Link Links
For search engines, links to your site from other sites are perceived as your reference. Thanks to these reference links, you may experience an increase in ranking, while these links may be removed or links that damage your site. For this reason, you should identify the links provided for your site and report the sites that are harmful and have removed your link to the search engine. You can access these sites from the Webmaster Tools panel in the "Links to Your Site" area.

Mobile Theme
With the increase in mobile phone usage in recent years, search engines have also increased the values of mobile theme compatible sites in order to provide better service to their users. Google's update for mobile sites on 021 April 2015 is an indication of this. As of April, there will be big differences between mobile rankings and desktop rankings. Sites without mobile sites will fall to the back of the search engine rankings.

Page Speed
Site speed or page speed is not a factor that directly affects SEO work. However, it will soon be an element that affects mobile rankings. If we return to the present time, if your site speed is slow, it will cause users who come to your site to leave your site immediately or spend little time. This situation will cause you to regress in rankings over time. Do not forget to check the speed of your site before starting SEO work.

The design issue is actually a very long topic, but I will talk about the ones that are a priority for you. The design of your site should be coded according to the latest technology. You can always make a difference with a site prepared with Web 2.0, the latest favourite of search engines. Search engines see some old codes as harmful, so make sure that old codes are not used on your site. Tables, schemes, effects on your site should be coded with CSS instead of Javascript. Because search engine bots do not detect and index Javascript codes. For this reason, take care to code the special areas on your site with Css. Check that your design complies with W3C standards so that browsers can open sites smoothly while running them.

Internal Connections
It is recommended to use 60 - 120 internal links throughout the site. But this advice is necessary for medium level sites. Large-scale sites such as e-commerce, news sites, blog sites are not included in this criterion.

H Tags
It is one of the biggest factors for SEO. It is used to create the title structure on the site. h1, h2, h3, h4, ... continues from the form. H Tags must be used on every page on the site. There are rules to be considered when using these tags. The main title should always start with the h1 tag. Subheadings should continue in the form of h2, h3, ..... Headings and content should be created properly without breaking the order.

The title, which is one of the major factors in the end user reaching your site, summarises your content, you need to use keywords with search volume. Word-based SEO is one of the biggest factors of opening. If you want to get hits from search engines, you need to use the right target words. Think of yourself as a visitor, don't forget to say "what search terms would you find using?" to the site or content you have prepared. Let me say without forgetting that the title length should consist of 50 - 60 characters. Longer titles appear in search engines as "Social Media Consultancy | Social Media Service | Easy M.....".

The description text, which is one of the major factors of SEO work, should consist of 140 - 160 characters. This description text serves as a short text describing your page. Do not forget to pass your keyword and its derivatives from word-based SEO work. However, when adding words, make sure that the sentence flow is not broken.

The content used in the site, the text should be long and informative. The reader should not leave the site while reading the text. So long content should keep the reader on the site. SEO compatible article comes into play here. Keywords and derivatives that describe your content should be determined and added to the site correctly. The content added to your site should consist of at least 300 words. Highlight important parts in the article with different types of writing such as bold, italic. Include paragraphs and subheadings that make it easier to read.

Keyword Density
Determine the main keywords of your site or company site and create your content in a way that does not go beyond these keywords. The density of keywords in your content helps search engines understand what your site is about. Keyword density should be between 4% and 5% depending on the content length.

Image Alt Tags
Do not forget to add alt tags and descriptions to the images in order to rank higher in the visual sections of search engines and attract hits from there.

How to Do Off-Site Optimisation?
Off-site SEO work, which is the most important part of SEO work, accounts for 60% of the work. With off-site SEO work, your time to get efficiency will be shortened. The basis of this study consists of backlink work.

SEO Backlink Relationship
One of the biggest mistakes made while doing backlink work is that it is useful to get more links. Getting too many links will do more harm than good to your site. The important thing is to check that there are quality sites from the sites related to your sector and these sites, and you should take them regularly at regular intervals. If there are no visitors to your site from the links you receive, the link you receive will not be of much benefit. So how can you understand that the site is a quality or authoritative site. Firstly, the content of the site should be updated regularly. You can check visitor hits and world rankings using paid and free tools. You can choose News registered sites that Google considers valuable within its own structure.

Text Link Study
Text links are the most widely used link work. While allowing you to set a title, it allows you to highlight your target words. Text link work plays the biggest role in word-based SEO work. The biggest element that we need to pay attention to is to make a maximum of 3 link outputs from an article in this study. Excessive link output can cause you to enter spam. Let's talk a little about the types of links we can get in text link work. Promotional Articles
The promotional articles received are text advertisements. Never forget that the main purpose is to promote the service you provide and your site, get promotional articles from your industry or from linked sites, news registered news sites, personal blogs. Blog Promotion
You can open private blog pages on blog sites, especially Blogspot, WordPress and Tumblr, add articles related to your industry and add your site links. Forum Introduction
Another easy way to reach the masses is forums. You can provide diversity by adding your promotion and site link only from places that you think have quality and mass. Dictionary Introductions
It is one of the areas where the audience is high, such as forums. In dictionaries with a quality audience, you can make your promotions without showing that it is direct advertising.

Video Studies
You can add videos related to your industry with special channels on video sites, especially Youtube, Vimeo and Dailymotion, and add site links in promotional sections.
Question and Answer Sites
You can help users by linking to the pages or your site where you have been asked about your industry on question and answer sites.

Social Media
Shares made on social media accounts are indexed as a type of permanent link. This type is not much different from promotional articles. The first line of your description is the title and the rest of the title is indexed as a description. It is a method that you should definitely use in link diversity. Take care to be actively involved in many social platforms. On the other hand, it is the easiest source of hits. Some search engines, notably Google ™, record visitors' internet browsing as cookies to increase advertising efficiency. Recently, these cookies have also started to affect rankings. Sites saved in the cookie so that users can reach the result they are looking for faster can rank higher.

Image Link
It is the type of work you will get the fastest efficiency. In other words, banner links are the type of work that you can get the fastest results with the right optimisation. When buying banner links, you need to examine the quality, authority and number of visitors of the site received. The use of title in the link added to the image, you should definitely add your keyword as title to the target link. We have explained the most basic factors in SEO studies in a simple language, all of the work to be done is in an interconnected functioning system. In particular, off-site SEO work should not be started without completing technical and on-site SEO work. I recommend you to do your work systematically and regularly.

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