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SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) refers to the work done to ensure that websites appear higher in search engines. SEO consultancy involves carrying out and monitoring all the work necessary to ensure that a website is better understood by search engines and appears in higher rankings.
SEO consultancy can include all the work necessary to ensure that your website is better understood by search engines and ranks higher. This can include technical elements such as content creation, keyword research, meta tags and links, site structure, user experience-related elements such as providing information about services or products, and analytics monitoring.

Keyword Analyses
Keyword research is one of the most important steps necessary to increase the visibility of your website in search engines. Keyword research allows you to determine which words users who will visit your website are looking for. These words should be used in the content and meta tags of your website.

Meta Tags
Meta tags are elements used to make your website better understood by search engines. Meta tags include items such as title tag, description tag and keywords tag. The title tag is the title that appears in the search results of your website. Description tag is the description of your website that appears in search results. Keywords tag is the keywords used in the content of your website.

Links (Backlink)
Links are important to ensure that your website is better understood by search engines and appears in higher rankings. External links are defined as links to your website from other websites. These links ensure that your website is considered more valuable by search engines. Internal links refer to the links between the pages within your site.

Corporate SEO Consultancy
Corporate SEO consultancy refers to SEO work for large-scale or corporate-level businesses. These businesses often require a more comprehensive or complex SEO strategy. Corporate SEO consultancy service does and monitors all the work necessary to increase the visibility of these businesses in search engines. This
These studies include technical elements such as keyword research, meta tags, links, content creation and site structure, elements related to user experience and analytical monitoring. In addition, corporate SEO consultancy service is integrated with the general marketing strategies of the business and works are carried out in line with these strategies. Corporate SEO consultancy service is especially important if businesses usually have a large number of websites or applications. For these businesses, all websites and applications need to be handled together to increase visibility in search engines.
Corporate SEO consultancy service is an important investment for businesses. However, efforts to increase visibility in search engines allow businesses to gain more customers and higher sales. In addition, efforts to increase visibility in search engines also allow businesses to achieve higher brand awareness in general.
What do we do within the scope of SEO Consultancy Service?
• In-site optimisation (On-Page Seo)
• Keyword research
• Sector and competition research
• SEO tests and site audits
• Request to remove penalties levied by search engines
• Local search optimisation
• White hat link construction
• Solving pagination and duplicate content problems
• Optimisation for images
• Sitemap editing
• txt editing
• Page speed optimisation
• Various monitoring and optimisation optimisations (UI/UX)
• Organising broken links
• Road mapping and reporting
• Content strategy
• Telephone & Meeting
Things to Consider When Getting SEO Consultancy Service
• The first thing a prospective customer who wants to get SEO consultancy service will do is to look for a consultant. It is very important that the person you will receive SEO Service is knowledgeable and professional. Such a person will make the right decisions for your company. Each website is unique according to its purpose and functioning. The work to be done must be specific to your website. You should find someone who will analyse the dynamics of your site well.
• You should definitely find out which services are included in the price offers that will be offered to you. You should definitely specify the extra services you want before the agreement.
• Every non-organic work can cause your site to be blacklisted called Black Hat. It takes time to increase in the right way. When you search for a corporate SEO consultant, you will see that services are provided daily or monthly. We recommend that you prefer monthly ones instead of daily studies. In this way, the person providing the service can be with you at every stage of growth. If you make sure that the person you will receive the service provides continuous service, you will not experience any victimisation.
Why is SEO Consultancy Important?
Google SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) studies allow your website to get better views. Today, every internet user starts from the first page of the search engine when searching for a subject or purchasing a product. There are many websites established on the internet for different purposes. Although the goal of each of them is different, it is generally desired to get more clicks, increase views and improve sales.
In order to provide better solutions to consumers, search engines (Google, Yandex, Bing) evaluate and score sites according to certain criteria and present them in a list accordingly. Then, people usually start from the ordinary, examine and meet their needs. Often, the desired results are obtained without moving to the second search engine page.
Usually, most operations are completed without the need for the second and third search engine pages. Therefore, the further behind your site is, the lower the view and click-through rates you receive. Even though the Internet is used by millions of people globally, the further behind you are, the more inadequate numbers are in question, expressed in tens or hundreds.
SEO consultancy services give a great advantage to solve this situation. Our service, which is made according to the Google algorithm, allows your site to rise in a short time. Thus, your monthly viewing rates increase in parallel with your brand awareness. Your site is organised according to the criteria considered, thus allowing you to rank higher. Thus, the traffic received is also increased in an organic way. In this way, sites can also achieve their goals such as more views and increasing sales. This means more profit if you sell products. If you are a corporate site, you can increase your brand recognition.

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