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Call Center

Call Center, where companies carry out their communication with the people or institutions they are in contact with, is one of the interaction centres consisting of software, hardware, human resources and workflows. Call centres, which are centres where intensive incoming and outgoing telephone calls are made, are structures that provide general BLOG such as information lines, customer relations, reservation centre, help desk.
Call centres, which have recently changed in terms of their structure, are equipped not only to receive phone calls but also to manage communication channels such as e-mail, fax, sms, online chat. Therefore, these centres are also known by names such as Customer Interaction Centre, Contact Centre, Customer Contact Centre, Customer Interaction platform. In spite of these, the term call centre, which is a very strong expression in terms of language embeddedness, will continue to be the inclusive term in a way to express all of the communication channels mentioned or to be developed in the future.

Call Centre Solutions with CRM Media
Call centres provide many benefits for companies. We can list some of them as follows: • Company operating costs are reduced
• Customers can receive service from a single centre
• The collected data can be stored in a repository
• Collecting customer requests, complaints or information in an easy and simple way
• A great support for sales and marketing departments
• It is a centre where customer requests are received 24/7
• Increasing customer loyalty by recognising the customer

In the call centre department, first the information about the projects and products to be served is obtained from the company and the training process is started. Afterwards, active negotiations with customers are started in line with this information.

With our CRM and switchboard infrastructure, the incoming form is automatically called within 3-5 minutes and all details of the call are recorded in the system. Calls are made by the call centre until the incoming forms are reached and the number of these calls can be reported. The call is audio-recorded so that an assessment can be made by looking at the compliance of the call with the KPIs and whether the campaign information is persuasive or not.

As CRM Medya, we report all our calls. When customers indicate that they will visit the sales office, we follow up until the end of the sale and transfer it to the sales consultants as soon as the visit is realised. The data that do not result in a negative result and do not turn into an appointment are called again at certain intervals and we follow the process according to the sales potential to bring customers to the sales offices.

Frequently Asked Call Centre Questions

We wanted to answer some questions in your mind before you start working with Easy Medya. In order not to make wrong decisions in the Call Centre service process, we have compiled frequently asked questions from our customers for you.

There is no need for such a distinction. These two terms have the same meaning. In everyday life, Call Centre also includes the term Contact Centre, as it is an older and more established term. Considering that the content of the word Call no longer refers only to telephone calls, the use of the term Call Centre is more accurate in order to avoid confusion.

As CRM Medya, we provide service between 09:00 - 23:00 every day of the week. However, we can provide 7×24 call centre service upon request.

There is no objection if the information that the interview will be recorded is shared at the beginning of the interview, with the necessary permission and marketing.

Call voice recording systems are one of the indispensable structures of a call centre and are used for many different purposes. For example, since call centres are the departments where customer contacts occur most frequently, voice recordings, which are frequently used to resolve disputes that may arise during these contacts, can form the basis for some decisions of the company. In addition, the recorded interviews can be used in their training by listening to the operators in different ways. In addition, the recorded conversations are subjected to certain criteria and have an impact on the rewarding procedures of the operators. By allowing the recorded conversations to be listened to by their owners, it is possible for the operators to evaluate their own conversations, to train themselves and to direct their work.

Success criteria in call centre departments should be determined in a way to carry the qualities expressed by SMART. To summarise, success criteria should be S - (Specific) Specific, M - (Measurable) Measurable, A - (Attainable) Attainable, R - (Realistic) Rational, T - (Time limited) Time limited. Success criteria should be agreed upon by mutual agreement between the call centre and the internal/external customer. Considering that quality has a cost, realistic and achievable success criteria that optimise quality and cost should be determined instead of demanding the highest quality at the lowest cost. Apart from these, key success criteria should be determined on a daily, weekly and monthly basis and audited according to the relevant criteria.

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