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Facebook ads are one of the most effective tools that businesses can choose to promote their products or BLOG to social media users. Facebook, which has the highest number of members in Turkey and in many countries of the world and brings together people of many ages, social classes and interests, stands out as one of the most preferred social channels by advertisers. Having such a large user base on Facebook requires care and sensitivity to certain criteria in order to achieve a successful result in Facebook advertising. You can easily reach the audience you want by targeting your ads by country, city, gender, age, keyword, marital status, education status, job title. In this way, you will also utilise your budget for the audience most interested in your product.

Facebook Advertising Models
Facebook, one of the largest social media platforms, provides businesses with a wide alternative advertising experience with various advertising models. It is possible to reach large masses with the right advertising strategy on Facebook, which brings advertisers and users together with story ads, loop ads, Messenger ads, collection ads, canvas ads, playable ads and slide show ads, especially visual ads and video ad models. These advertisement models help you make a big improvement in post interaction, page likes and event response rate.

With the video feature, you can fully showcase the features of your product and easily attract people's attention.

High quality images can be used for websites and applications that you want to direct people to.

To encourage people to shop, you can display products from your catalogue in a personalised way.

It is possible to publish up to ten pieces of data, each with its own link, in a single advert.

Slide show
You can create your story that you will publish as video ads as slideshows in the Ad Manager. In this way, your story becomes even more impressive with motion, sound and text components.

Fast Experience
Formerly known as Canvas, this way your ads are full screen and mobile optimised.

Ads for Finding Potential Customers
One of the channels where you can quickly gather information from people interested in your product or service is through lead adverts on Facebook and Instagram. These adverts are presented using images, videos or loops, and when individuals engage, they are followed by a lead form.

Discounts that you can share on Facebook are collected under the offers heading. The offer advert can be designed as an image, video or loop.

Post Interaction
You can prioritise your page posts to get more likes, comments, shares and photo views.

Activity Responses
You can use event response adverts to increase the awareness capacity of your event and get more responses about your product, and you can design your adverts as images or videos.

How to Measure Facebook Ads?
There are various criteria that evaluate the performance of the advertisement in digital marketing. For Facebook ads, these metrics include the number of users reached by the post, the interaction rate (number of likes, comments and shares), click-through rate, referral traffic to the website where the advertisement is run, advertisement cost per recycling and investment income. These can be examined manually one by one, or you can get the help of measurement tools that analyse all these and provide you with reports in bulk.

Page Analyses
Before starting Facebook ads, the customer's website and page analysis should be done. In line with the analyses and the expectations of the customer, the advertisement models to be used are determined. Images, text and videos are created by us or requested from the customer to use in the determined Facebook advert models. After the created Facebook advert models are approved, the ads are published.

Account Optimisation
In the first stage of the advertising process, targeting is made in many criteria such as location, age, gender, interests in line with the information received from the customer. In order to get better performance from their ads, optimisation should be done at intervals of 3 - 5 - 7 days. In the optimisation process, detailed optimisation work is carried out according to the performance received from the ongoing advertisements. It is aimed to reach the right target audience by determining the right audience, age range, gender and region. The process continues by closing the advertising models that increase the cost or opening new advertising models.

A detailed weekly or monthly report is sent in line with the customer's expectation (Form, Impression, Like, Site Visit ...) of the Facebook advertisement work done. The prepared report data is prepared entirely in line with the data provided by the Facebook panel.

Frequently Asked Facebook Ads Questions

We wanted to answer some questions in your mind just before you start working on Facebook ads with Easy Medya. In order not to make wrong decisions in the advertising process, we have compiled frequently asked questions from our customers for you.

We can consider Facebook adverts as paid applications where companies or brands can reach the audiences they want to deliver their products or BLOG by creating messages that best express themselves.

Facebook ads increase your sales by reaching your target audience through potential customers, website visitors and users of the brand's mobile application. Facebook adverts, which allow the target audience to be determined for each product, also increase the shopping rate with interest-oriented targeting.

It is not easy to give a single and simple answer to this question. These advertising budgets, which are not charged according to the number of words or the area covered as in the printed press, are determined according to some criteria such as what the purpose is, which type of advertisement is used, how many people are wanted to be reached.

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