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Electronic mail (E-Mail) is one of the most widely used communication preferences today. Considering that almost all internet users have an e-mail address and regularly follow incoming e-mails, the importance of advertising activities to be applied in this field is also very high. In this sense, the advertisements shown to users via Gmail, one of the most used e-mail BLOG in the world, make a great contribution to the target audience of operators or content producers. If Gmail adverts are targeted and planned correctly, it is possible to take advantage by achieving a minimum cost and optimum successful result.

Gmail Ads Targeting
There are various targeting options during Gmail adverts. These targeting options are of great importance to determine the audience that the adverts will reach.

  • • Demographic Targeting: Determines the target audience according to demographic scales such as age and gender.
  • • Subject Targeting: It determines the target audience through the subject of the product or content to be advertised.
  • • Targeting by Keyword: It enables the display of advertisements in the e-mail box of users who receive e-mails related to certain selected keywords.
  • • Domain Targeting: It allows the advertisement to be displayed in the mailbox of users who receive e-mail from the selected URL, i.e. domain names.

Technical Requirements for Gmail Ads
In order to be able to publish Gmail adverts, there are some criteria set by Google. These criteria are some technical requirements that cover the content and format of the advert. Firstly, some content is prohibited in Gmail adverts. These prohibitions cover topics such as religion, sexual orientation, racial and ethnic issues, alcohol, physical characteristics, adult content, health, politics, getting rich quick, adoption, substance abuse, frightening content, malware. In addition to these, different ethical and sensitive issues that Google may find objectionable during the moderation of adverts may also be included in the prohibited content. The second point relates to the format of the advert. In order to protect the quality of the advertisement, attention is paid to the number of characters of the advertisement, the recognition of the advertiser, the quality of the advertisement content, the subject of the advertisement, the URL character limit and short URL structure, and technical details such as coding.

How to Measure Gmail Ads?
Like all advertising activities in the digital world, Google and Gmail ads can be measured with digital advertising tools. These tools perform the measurement process by analysing the data collected with the data interpretation technique. The more qualified the tools are in terms of software, the more qualified the analysed data density and analysis quality. While examining the causes, developments and results in these measurements, as a result of the analyses, comparisons are made with competitors in the same category or with different businesses that advertise to the same target audience. As a result of these analyses, both the status of the business and what it needs to do to improve its advertisements are reported. Easy Medya helps your brand or business to achieve optimum results at low cost by providing privileged BLOG in targeting, fulfilling technical requirements and measurement in Gmail advertisement works. If you want to benefit from Easy Medya Gmail ads service and get ahead of your competitors, you can contact us.

Frequently Asked Gmail Ads Questions

We wanted to answer some questions in your mind just before you start Gmail advertising with Easy Medya. In order not to make wrong decisions, we have compiled frequently asked questions from our customers for you.

Gmail adverts, which allow you to communicate and interact more closely with your potential customers, make your job much easier in this sense. The Gmail advertising model differs from other advertising models in that your advertisement can be saved by users and directed to other users.

Gmail adverts include various targeting to reach your potential customers. These include targeting market audiences, audience keywords, demographic targeting and customer matching. Apart from these, you can also find users who have already interacted with your site using marketing targeting

In Gmail adverts, you do not pay after the click that extends your advert. After the first click, there is no payment when users come to your website or save the advert and forward it to someone else.

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