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Registration on Google Maps

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Registration on Google Maps
Google maps have become even more important, especially with the widespread use of smartphones. We are constantly confronted with maps in Google searches. These maps play an important role in allowing your customers to access your company's location information much more quickly. Google maps do much more than just show your location. People looking for you can access a lot of information in this area, such as your phone numbers, site address, e-mail address, working hours, etc. Google maps is an area where you can edit at any time.
Benefits of Being Added to Maps
  • Potential New Customers.
  • Easy to Find Thanks to Smart Phones.
  • Opportunity to take place in searches related to your business.
  • You do not need directions.
  • Your Business Address, Phone, Website and Pictures will be displayed.
  • Access to Customers Closest to Your Business.
  • Registration Possibility for All Navigation Devices.
  • Elevate Your Business Against Your Competitors in Every Field.
  • Increases the Brand Value of your business.
In accordance with our professional service understanding, we clearly determine in which sector our customers serve and in this sense, we request corporate communication and visual information.
In addition to registering your business on Google maps, which are widely used in our country, it is of great importance to make the right optimization. As Easy Medya, we enter the information we receive from you into the My Business area as accurate and optimized.
Your map created through My Business is verified in 5 different ways. 1- Business login verification by mail
2- Business login verification by phone (available for certain businesses)
3- Business login verification by email (available for certain businesses)
4- Business login instant verification (available for certain businesses
5- Bulk verification (available for businesses with more than 10 different locations)

Frequently Asked Map Questions

We wanted to answer some questions in your mind just before you start Google map registration with Easy Medya. In order not to make wrong decisions, we have compiled frequently asked questions from our customers for you.

We use the My Business page while performing the Google Map registration process, which is a service provided by Google. Through this panel, we organize the information on your map according to your requests. For details: How to Register Google Map?

This service is offered free of charge to users by Google, but as Easy Medya, we provide professional BLOG for periods such as annual, 3-year or 5-year periods. You can contact us for our professional consultancy BLOG for map registration.

After the map registration process we will do for you, you can appear in sectoral searches on Google, Google map (address) searches and Google navigation devices.

As Easy Medya, we make the Google map registration process immediately within our structure. When applying for Google map, gmail account and contact information of your company are required. There are 5 methods to verify the registration application. These are
1- Verification by Post Card The map is activated with the code from Google within 14 days after the application is made. If you do not receive the code, we contact Google and activate the map.
2- Verification by Phone (Only available in certain businesses) In this verification process, Google calls and gives a code. After activating the map with the code, your map will be activated immediately.
3- Verification by Email (Only available for certain businesses) Google will send a code to your e-mail address. After activating the map with the code, your map will be activated immediately.
4- Instant Verification (Only available for certain businesses) If you have already verified your company's website with Google Search Console, there is a possibility that the verification process required to manage your company's map will be done instantly.
5- Batch Verification (Available for businesses with more than 10 different locations) If there are more than 10 branches of the same company, it gives you the opportunity to add their maps in one go.

If a Google My Business listing is already verified and you are authorized to manage it, you can claim ownership from the current listing owner.

You will be notified by email when your ownership request is approved and you can manage your listing from Google My Business.

Where your ownership request has been declined, you will be notified by email and when you sign in to Google My Business. You can still propose edits in the login or, in some cases, appeal your denied request.

after 7 days, you may have the option to request the entry for yourself.

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