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What is Content Marketing?

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What is Content Marketing?
Content marketing is a method that differs from classical marketing strategies. Content marketing is not about the direct sale of products; it aims to market the product to the user in the right way by providing information that will be useful to the customer and focusing on the content production process. The aim of content marketing is to introduce the product in a way to empathise with the target audience and to convince the user.

Why is a Content Marketing Strategy Needed?
The aim of all profit-oriented companies is to attract customers. Correctly prepared content marketing will increase the value of the brand and give confidence to the customer. Content marketing, building a relationship with the customer

Why Content Marketing is Important?
Classical marketing methods are now very artificial to people. Marketing methods motivated by purchasing anxiety may seem very artificial to users. In content marketing, marketing the product using the right language and method increases the tendency to buy by coming more "from life" to the customer. At this point, content marketing plays an important role.

How to Do Content Marketing?
The key point in content marketing is to determine the target audience correctly. After determining the target audience correctly;
*Rival Analysis
*Current Situation Analysis
*Clarification of Objectives
It is necessary to pay attention to issues such as. For example; The aim of the brand that will market an X brand vacuum cleaner should be to include the details of the product in the content, not to leave any question marks in the minds of the target audience and to direct the user to the product in a correct and sincere way. The user should find something from himself while reading the content so that the tendency to purchase can increase.

Content Marketing Types
There are many types of content marketing. Some of them; social media content marketing, BLOG content marketing, infographic content marketing, podcast content marketing, video content marketing, advertising content marketing.

Social Media Content Marketing
One of the most effective types of content marketing is social media content marketing. With the increase in the use of social media with Web 2.0, brands aimed to exist in social media by aiming to reach more users to their products. Since social media is now a place where money is earned and business can be done, brands aim to reach more audiences by promoting their products here.
Since social media has become an environment where people share their own lives and are thought to be more sincere, it has become easier to direct consumers to purchase behaviour than traditional marketing methods.
In social media, the brand can market its product by creating its own profile and establishing the right connection between the target audience and the product.
Another content marketing method in social media is that brands promote their products by advertising to people who have reached a certain audience.
Users who have reached a certain audience and started to earn money from social media are called "Influencer". Although the concept of influencer is just beginning to be known in Turkey, it plays an active role in content marketing. Since they establish a secure bond with their followers, users see influencers as one of themselves and can buy the products they recommend with peace of mind.
BLOG Content Marketing
The BLOGs on the brands' websites contain content related to the products they market. And aims to increase the purchasing tendency. Infographic Content Marketing
We can call infographic as information graphics. Complex information is converted into graphics by making it easy and understandable. Since infographic content is easier to keep in mind, it plays an effective role in terms of marketing strategy and provides information transfer in a short time. Podcast Content Marketing
Podcasts can be defined as today's modern radio. The podcast speaker creates a safe bonding environment according to the energy it gives to the listener. The target audience is determined and the content or product is marketed in a way that does not look artificial. Video Content Marketing
Video content marketing is one of the marketing methods that have become popular in recent years. The most important point in this marketing method is to attract the attention of the user in the first seconds. This affects the traffic of the video and allows it to get in front of more users. Thus, as the video receives interaction, the target audience starts to grow.
Advertising Content Marketing Advertising content marketing, unlike traditional advertising, is to advertise content on Google or different social media platforms for money. According to the subject of the content, it shows the advertised content in the first place in the Google search engine, allowing it to gain access and attract traffic.

What are the Benefits of Content Marketing?
Thanks to content marketing, the brand establishes a sincere relationship with the customer. In this context, the customer's trust in the brand increases and the brand's access to new customers accelerates.
Statistics in content marketing provide more understandable information about the target audience.
The quality of the content increases trust in the brand.
Quality and loyal customer environment is formed.
Content marketing ensures that what is being marketed reaches more people and thus the website attracts traffic.
These benefits are very valuable for brands. Thanks to these, the brand better understands what the target audience wants, determines a strategy as necessary and increases the purchasing tendency.

Content Marketing Service
Brands may also prefer to do content marketing by their own team. However, apart from this, content marketing agencies in the field of content marketing provide content marketing BLOG by agreeing with brands.

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