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Corporate Identity

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Corporate identity is the sum of the signs that show how a company reflects its image to the outside. The concepts that represent the internal and external stance, behaviour, in short, the image of a company, brand or institution are the corporate identity of the company.
In other words, the face of a company in both the internal and external world reflects the corporate identity of that company. Thanks to corporate identity, identity confusion that may occur in companies is prevented. A well-designed corporate identity gains respectability in the eyes of customers, the target audience or other companies. Apart from this, since corporate identities designed in an effective and memorable way are also assimilated by companies, it increases the prestige of companies in the eyes of customers and allows them to stay more in mind.

Basic elements of brand identity:
The basic element of brand identity is the name of the company. The company name, which is an important element for promoting the brand, is your assistant in setting your own products and BLOG apart from those of your competitors.
A memorable logo design is a visual cue that shapes your stationery style and sets you apart from the rest.
Each colour tone has its own language, connotation and evokes different emotions. The balance in colour combination makes your brand memorable by sending your message to the right target audience.
You can promote your corporate style in any industry with a well-designed stationery that helps to elevate your organisation's image.

What Does Corporate Identity Service Cover?
Corporate identity has many elements. To give examples of the elements that make up corporate identity; The products produced by the company and their packaging, exhibitions, fairs, fairs organised by the companies, letterheads, envelopes, files used by the companies inside and outside the institution, the environment in which the companies are located such as buildings, offices or construction sites, signboards belonging to the companies and other various orientation tools, Corporate publications and reports issued by companies, catalogues, advertisements or brochures of companies, business cards of company employees, as well as invoices and delivery notes and collection letters issued on behalf of the company, flags of the company, promotional products such as notebooks, calendars or agendas can be listed as items that constitute the corporate identity of the company.

In the process of creating a corporate identity, we start with a brief and clearly determine the message the brand wants to give and draw a road map accordingly. By developing ideas on how the brand will say what it wants to convey, we shape how the message will pass to the target audience in the fastest way. We enter the research process by identifying the elements that determine the corporate identity such as the brand's posture, tone of voice, masculine or feminine characteristics of the brand, selected graphics and colours. After determining the relevant strategies, we proceed to the production phase by making a presentation to our customer.

In the production phase, we first determine the framework for the general identity consisting of corporate identity parts such as files, letterheads, envelopes, business cards. After creating our first set in this way, we present it to our customer. We make arrangements in line with the requests from our customer.

We deliver the corporate identity works we have specially prepared for you with all the design format, and if you request, we also send these designs to the media where you will have them printed.

Frequently Asked Corporate Identity Questions

We wanted to answer some questions in your mind just before starting Corporate Identity work with Easy Medya. In order not to make wrong decisions in the process of creating your Corporate Identity, we have compiled frequently asked questions from our customers for you.

Corporate identity, as the name suggests, is the image, i.e. identity, of a company, institution, foundation or such a formation that represents its stance both inside and outside the company.

We start your company's corporate identity design with logo. The process of creating a corporate identity includes all the advertising and graphic design works that make up the entire visual face such as logo, corporate slogan, business card, brochure, letterhead, catalogue. At this stage, we start with the logo by first determining the colours and we dress these logos and slogans on other promotional tools.

We do the biggest part of our work at the very beginning, that is, at the moment when we reveal our creative works. Since the materials will form an integrity, we establish the character of the designs and then apply technical works that will reflect the same meaning to all materials. When only catalogue work is done, budgets are determined according to the number of pages and other details.

We do not provide printing BLOG directly; but we work with partners who provide printing BLOG. We can say that we offer some kind of consultancy service. Within the scope of the consultancy service, we provide guidance on material information. Although we do not have a physical printing process, we support the application process.

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