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Corporate Mail

If you are a business owner, email is one of the most important communication tools. From customers to vendors, banks to employees, secure communication is essential. You should make sure you choose the best email service provider for your business email service needs.

Because your business email is so important, deciding on the best email provider for your needs can be a bit tricky. Of course, every business has its own unique needs. But there are some key features that a good business email should offer. And that's just one topic in corporate email management. In this regard, we recommend you to solve the specialized issue with a company that provides corporate mail service. We have included the reasons in detail below;

What is Corporate Mail?
The definition of a corporate email is an email address that usually contains the business name or brand of a company or business. This is achieved by the company having previously purchased the necessary internet domain to create the different email addresses it needs.
This is called corporate mail because this way a company has its own domain that matches its name, @companyname, brand or business name. Usually email accounts offered by different companies are different from personal email addresses. Mail servers on the Internet (Mail, Outlook and others).
In most cases, corporate emails are assigned to all employees of a company, as well as to specific domains, to enable direct communication for business purposes only, by placing the name of the person or domain at the beginning of the mail, e.g. name@company.com, sales@company.com, info@company.com, etc.
Corporate email should be seen as an open book for employers. Everything from the messages you write to the attachments you send is subject to scrutiny and should be kept strictly confidential. Unlike a personal email account, which can be used as you wish, corporate email accounts should be taken more seriously.

Why is corporate email important?
To date, there are companies and professionals using free e-mail addresses such as Mail or Outlook. It is obvious that these company owners do not leave a very favorable impression among their customers, clients and stakeholders in terms of company reputation and security.
In the eyes of any customer, this practice is synonymous with insecurity. It can also be considered as a possible indication that you are dealing with an unprofessional company, with few resources or no minimum investment.
If you don't have a corporate email address by now, we invite you to contact our Easy Medya team of experts who will be happy to guide you in the selection and acquisition of your corporate emails.

What makes our corporate mail service unique?
Unlimited corporate email service for your company; At Easy Medya, we know the importance of having a corporate email address for any type of business, we also focus on projecting a professional and accurate image to all our clients for their target audience.
Our BLOG are Google-based and compatible with all platforms, 100% secure. Google's ultra-reliable servers guarantee 99.9% uptime on your email. Industry-leading security, spam protection and automatic backups help protect your business data.
It has been proven that companies with professional corporate emails improve their brand image and increase the chances of getting any kind of work done. Show that you do business and look professional with custom email on your company's domain. Create personalized email addresses for your team like name@yourcompany. What can you do with our personalized corporate email service? You can create as many e-mail addresses as your company needs. Our teams will help you with detailed information and a price quote, as we charge per mail/piece.

Why Do You Need a Company to Manage Your Corporate Mail Address?

Spam Filter; Unsolicited messages are a big waste of time. You don't want to spend your valuable time reading them. That's why you need a system to detect and filter spam in the inbox and a company to set up and manage it.
Integration – Some email BLOG work well with other business tools such as calendars and productivity suites. If your business relies heavily on such tools, you should get an email package that integrates with the other tools you already use. But it doesn't stop there - that's why you need a business email management expert to work with.
Security – Since email attacks are a regular news item, you want your business email provider to offer strong measures to keep your accounts safe. You should have systemic measures in place to keep your messages safe and prevent unauthorized use of your email account. Your corporate mail management specialist can support you with this.
Ease of Use – As your business grows, more of your staff will need to create and use email accounts. Reduce staff training time by choosing an easy-to-use email service provider.
Archive Capabilities – The best business email providers provide a way for you to save, store and organize your email messages and drafts.
Advanced Features – When running a small business, advanced email features such as recalling sent messages or scheduling tasks within email can be important. Which advanced features are most important depends on your unique business needs. An email management expert will advise on this.
Reputation – Your business email service provider needs to have a good reputation. Remember that your email address is one of the first pieces of information that potential customers see. So, what should a corporate email address structure look like? Small details affect the reputation in its entirety, consult the experts.
Storage – When choosing an email service provider, keep in mind the amount of storage space included in your account. You don't want to run out of space, do you? For many reasons, too many to list here, you need a specialized company for mail management.

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