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The pages designed specifically for a product or to reach a specific audience in order to be used in digital marketing activities and to increase digital conversion are called Landing Page.
The main purpose of Landing Pages is to get visitors to take an action. For this reason, the page should include actions that provide recycling such as filling out forms, making members, downloading documents, watching videos and purchasing.

Successful Landing Page Features
Speed : Speed is a very important factor in the digital world. Pages should load quickly and visitors should not waste time at this point. The main problems affecting the speed can be listed as faulty interface coding, server problems, faulty back-end coding, lack of caching, not using AMP, intensive content entry.
Compatibility: The created landing page must be compatible with mobile, tablet and all possible devices. For example, if there is a mobile compatibility problem in a campaign with a mobile traffic rate of 70%, it is difficult for the campaign to achieve the success it deserves.
Design The : design phase is of great importance for a landing page to attract the attention of visitors, to design the user experience correctly and to design the interface design correctly.
Content: Page setup is very important in terms of recognising the visitor and knowing what they want to encounter. The content that the visitor will encounter, such as video, visual content and text, should be well planned. At this point, simple and as clear as possible content will increase the level of return.
Strategy : In order to get positive results, it is necessary to act in harmony with the corporate identity of the brand. For this reason, the message given in design, content and advertisements should be compatible and parallel with each other.
Analysis: SaThe success of the page is found by analysing. A/B tests, creating heat maps and even eye tests should be performed when necessary and pages should be optimised according to this information.

In order to promote the product or service on a single page, the customer's suggestions, demands and target audience are first learnt. It is necessary to submit documentation containing information such as what the campaign or slogan is, what is requested from the user in the forms, the content should be short and concise. The information received is forwarded to the design team.

With the documentation examined by our expert design team, a design is created by considering where the user will draw attention at first glance, how to transfer the content without boring the user, and the remarkable elements that prevent it from leaving the page in a short time. The design goes to customer approval and if revised, the finishing touches are made and forwarded to our code team.

Our professional coding team optimises the page to open the fastest by adding actions that allow the user to navigate the page for longer with the infrastructure that will adapt the transmitted design to google ads, and completes the coding process by including the code information that provides google ad links with the form integration that the user uses to communicate. The work is sent to the customer for approval before it is published.

The Landing Page design, which is approved by the customer, is published in the folder named according to preference on the domain name (domain) to be published or in the main directory. Form tests and general controls are made over the published link. If you are receiving advertising BLOG within Easy Medya, the relevant link is forwarded to our advertising department.

Frequently Asked Landing Page Questions

We wanted to answer some questions in your mind just before you start Landing Page works with Easy Medya. In order not to make wrong decisions in the Landing Page process, we have compiled frequently asked questions from our customers for you.

The way to get a more efficient return for advertising your product or service is to have a landing page design. In your landing page design, your campaign or slogan, your content is explained briefly and concisely, there is a form integration where the user can contact you directly.

Depending on the content of the landing page design, the length of the page designed, the functionality of the page and the form structure are important elements of the prices.

The content of the product or service is analysed and the design is extracted considering the target audience. The design is coded and published in google standards.

These are landing pages specially designed for PPC (Pay Per Click), i.e. cost per click, in your digital advertising campaigns. Each campaign requires a separate landing page design.

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