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Today, the importance of digital advertisements is very high. The reason for the increasing importance of advertising in the digital world is that the trade and business world is becoming more active in social networks day by day. The adverts shown to users on Linkedin, which aims to keep people in the business world in contact and interaction with each other and is extremely popular as the social media of the professional world, provide a serious advantage for advertisers by appealing to a target audience with a professional identity.

Why Should We Use Linkedin Advertising Platform?
Linkedin adverts have different qualities from other social media advertising activities. Because Linkedin brings together people who stand out with their professional identity at a very high rate as a user profile. Therefore, Linkedin adverts are the most suitable choice especially for B2B (Business to Business) advertising. Linkedin adverts offer CEOs, senior managers, HR, company owners and employees from many different companies and sectors as a target audience for advertisers.

Can I Grow My Business with Linkedin Ads?
Linkedin adverts provide great advantages for growth in business life if applied with the right targeting and planning. If the right advertising strategies are applied for the professional target audience, you can increase the recognition and reputation of both the product or service you advertise and your business. In this sense, Linkedin, which is the most suitable medium to reach potential customers or business partners, is a unique platform that is not easily found in terms of target audience structure.

Linkedin Ads Targeting Criteria
Linkedin targeting criteria offer a combination of highly alternative and functional filters for B2B advertising. Linkedin adverts, which come to the forefront with location criteria in order to identify a qualified target audience from people in the business world, include many important targeting criteria such as Company Name, Company Industry, Company Size, Job Seniority, Job Title, School, School Department, Diploma Grade, Member Groups, Skills, Age, Gender, Experience Status, Company Connections and Followers.

Linkedin Advertising Costs
The cost of internet advertising is mainly determined by the number of people the advert will reach and the time the advert will remain on air. In this sense, Linkedin ads work with a slightly higher cost compared to other social media, but the return on this cost will be satisfactory as it promises a more accurate process of identifying the target audience and presenting the ads to the right people. It is possible to reach the executives of the world's largest companies through Linkedin. Linkedin adverts may require different costs depending on the target audience. This means that while click costs are 2-3 dollars in a wide targeting, this cost can reach up to 6 dollars in narrower targeting.

Linkedin Advertising Models:
- Linkedin Text Ads: These are adverts in which the ad texts are prepared and published accordingly after determining the professional audience you want. You can charge per click or per impression
– - Linkedin Sponsored Content (Sponsored Ads): These adverts are one of the ad models that highlight the post like Facebook ads. With this type of advertisement, you can highlight the content on your company page or create new content.
- Linkedin Display Ads: Unlike Display ads, which have the same targeting options as other ad models, it is entirely up to you to determine the location and size of the ad spaces. Linkedin Display Ads will be more effective in this sense, especially when you want to attract traffic to sites.
- Linkedin Sponsored InMail (Sponsored Linkedin Mails): Thanks to Linkedin Sponsored InMail advertising model, you will have the opportunity to reach 500 million users on Linkedin via e-mail. As with other advertising models, you can also target Linkedin Sponsored InMail adverts.
- Linkedin Follow Company Ads: This ad model is mostly preferred by companies to increase the number of contacts on Linkedin. In the Linkedin Follow Company Ads ad model, companies that want to encourage their target audience show their profiles matched with the company.
CRM Medya helps you achieve cost-effective and optimum efficiency while bringing the product or service you offer with Linkedin ads service to important people in the professional world. You can contact us to access privileged BLOG with Easy Media Linkedin adverts.

Page Analyses
Before starting Linkedin advertisements, it is necessary to analyse the customer's website and page. In line with the analyses and the expectations of the customer, the advertisement models to be used are determined. Images, text and videos are created by us or requested from the customer to be used in the determined Linkedin advertisement models. After the Linkedin advertisement models are approved, the advertisements are published.

Account Optimisation
In the first stage of the Linkedin Advertising process, targeting is made in many criteria such as location, age, gender, interests in line with the information received from the customer. In order to get better performance from their ads, optimisation should be done at intervals of 3 - 5 - 7 days. In the optimisation process, detailed optimisation work is carried out according to the performance received from the ongoing advertisements. It is aimed to reach the right target audience by determining the right audience, age range, gender and region. The process continues by closing the advertising models that increase the cost or opening new advertising models.

A detailed weekly or monthly report is sent in line with the customer's expectation (Form, Impression, Like, Site Visit ...) of the Linkedin advertisement work done. The prepared report data is prepared entirely in line with the data provided by the Linkedin panel.

Frequently Asked Linkedin Ads Questions

We wanted to answer some questions in your mind just before you start Linkedin ads with Easy Medya. We have compiled frequently asked questions from our customers for you in order not to make wrong decisions in the advertising process.

Linkedin draws attention as the largest, most active and most effective professional network used by 500 million people in 200 countries around the world. According to digital reports, Linkedin is also used by 25% of internet users in Turkey, i.e. approximately 12 million professionals. It is possible to analyse the profiles of Linkedin users more clearly. If we consider that each user profile is actually an online CV, we can notice the commonalities between user behaviours and interests. In this respect, it is possible to easily reach users with similar interests through a single channel.

There are many targeting options in Linkedin adverts. For example; Location: It is mandatory to specify geographical location for Linkedin adverts. Ad impressions are determined according to the location or IP address location reported by the member.
Company Name: When you want to publish your adverts specifically for the employees of a company, you should target your adverts according to the company name.
Company Size: When you want to make a promotion by targeting the employees of companies according to their potential and reach them, you should consider the company size criterion.
Job Title: This option will be a suitable alternative when you want to choose according to the job titles in the member profile.

If you want to reach the audiences you need for your business, you can take advantage of Linkedin's tools with special targeting capabilities that allow you to combine powerful professional data with your own data. With Matching Audience, it is possible to retarget your visitors. You can also securely upload company lists or email addresses.

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