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What is SEO?
SEO, which is an abbreviation for “Search Engine Optimization,” is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing. SEO, or “Arama Motoru Optimizasyonu” in Turkish, refers to the entire process of optimizing your site in accordance with the ranking criteria of search engines, which allows users searching the internet to find the most relevant and accurate data about the content they are searching for. The SEO process, which is essential for bringing your site to users by distinguishing it from other sites, makes your site compatible with Google’s and other search engines’ ranking criteria.

As a result of the hundreds of studies we have conducted as Easy Media, we can confidently assert that SEO is a collaborative effort. To ensure the success of the SEO work, the customer and the agency must work together to acknowledge the contextual and technical arrangements.

How Does Professional SEO Work Work?
SEO work entails more than merely ranking for specific keywords. The goal of SEO is to give the most accurate information and service based on user inquiries. As Easy Media, we recognize the content that will be most valuable for the companies for which we provide SEO BLOG, the technological simplicity with which search engines can access this content, and link upgrades to improve the content’s quality.

Our SEO professionals constantly better themselves by attending trainings and attentively incorporating SEO advancements into their work. We update our specialization thanks to our continuous team cooperation.

Why is SEO activity necessary?
SEO studies have a significant digital marketing network for corporations, e-commerce businesses, news sites, and numerous BLOGs. With Seo BLOG, which may yield fantastic results if performed correctly, your brand recognition and sales rates will soar by identifying your products and BLOG using relevant keywords and ensuring that you appear on the top page. For many businesses, quality SEO service is an efficient marketing network.

What factors are considered when making SEO proposals?
To establish SEO costs, a preliminary analysis process is critical. At this stage, the site’s traffic values for the previous two years are analyzed, as well as the distribution of traffic by channel, its position in the competition, the phrases that receive traffic but are declining, the level of compliance with Google guidelines, and domain authority. This study is documented in a report and delivered to the customer. Following that, the cost is calculated and the offer process starts.

What is On-Site SEO?
On-site SEO work includes analyzing and optimizing whether the site’s foundational components are functioning properly. During this procedure, the performance and technical aspects of the website are upgraded initially, after technical inspections of the site. Following such analyses, data is shared with website technical teams by assessing how your site appears and faults by search engines. After these studies, websites start to be indexed by Google, reach the appropriate users much more readily, and gain prominence in search results.

What is Off-Site SEO Work?
Off-site SEO is the procedure executed to recommend the website to quality and trusted sources, therefore creating the impression that the website is dependable and of high quality. In Google’s opinion, if a website obtains connections from really trustworthy sources (that is, if it is referenced), it is likewise of high quality and acceptable for showing to people. Off-site SEO work is performed based on this reasoning in order to be suggested by dependable and respectable sources in order to raise the prestige of websites to the top.

It is particualrly important to obtain a quality corporate SEO consulting in order to receive full SEO BLOG and to develop this procedure in a constructive way. Given that business sites will have limited content and hence a low number of indexes, on-site optimization of these sites must be perfect. Working with a business that can optimize your site properly within the corporate SEO consultation you will receive, recognize the flaws, and try to fix them will help you climb the search engine rankings much faster.

It is not sufficient to have a high position in the relevant keyword searches if the corporate site under development is an e-commerce site. It will be vital for corporate SEO BLOG that the site is user-friendly and that there are no delays in the purchasing process because the majority of people to the site are potential future consumers. For this reason, while obtaining corporate SEO BLOG, we advise that you collaborate with businesses that understand how to leverage the conversion funnel. This enables optimizations to be made in line with the stages at which site users abandon purchasing the product.

Word Analysis
The phase of the keyword analysis process when the terms that will drive visitors to your website and have a high search potential for the industry your site serves are identified. We uncover keywords associated with your industry by using a variety of metrics and tools including the Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, Keywordtool.io, Kwfinder, and KeywordShitter.

Competitor Analysis
After word analysis comes competitor analysis. At this point, you may check your competitors' rankings for the keywords you're after, as well as their traffic, sort of approach, and backlinks. For competition analysis, you may also utilize tools like Ranksignals, Similarweb, and Seoptimer.

Site Evaluation
We thoroughly examine the website's performance in relation to the targeted keywords. All pages are examined for conformity with SEO guidelines as part of the SEO analysis process. Basic characteristics like title, description, h tags, and mobile compatibility are taken into account throughout the analysis process. Among the SEO tools we employ for SEO analysis are Screaming Frog, Search Console, Ahrefs, and Google Analytics.

On-Site Optimization
Many elements, including as the usage of title tags, the site's user-friendly layout, and efforts to enhance time spent on the site, constitute the foundation of on-site SEO work. In reality, because the foundation of SEO is user-friendly webpages, on-site optimization is critical. If a search engine visitor discovers the material they are searching for on the site or looks at other content, they will be more likely to spend more time on the site. All of these efforts will assist the visitor in falling in love with the site, becoming a devoted user, and assisting the site in rising in Google and other search engines. Therefore, , on-site optimization is the backbone of Search Engine Optimization.Quality content is one of the most crucial aspects of on-site SEO. While including a huge quantity of material makes little sense, sites with 10 quality content are rated higher. As a result, we take care to create high-quality material while establishing on-site arrangements.

Off-Site Optimization
External website interventions will make it easier to appear higher in the search engine results. A specific pattern is never employed while optimizing Off-Page SEO. Because every SEO specialist has his or her unique set of approaches and strategies. Backlinks are the foundation of off-site SEO activity (links). Although they may appear to be different, promotional articles, comments, and forum promotions that you find in many places are all backlinks. To be effective in external search engine optimization research, it is vital to have the most backlinks. After studying rivals' backlinks, it is vital to obtain backlinks from the same sources, if feasible, and to include sites that do not receive but are of high quality.

During the first meeting with your SEO expert, a strategy is to be established based on your position in the competition, technical competency, plans, and priorities. The most fundamental scenario in SEO work is ensuring the compliance of your site's technological architecture with Google specifications. Therefore, this procedure will commence with the improvement of your technological infrastructure, but such improvement will range from highly severe to less critical concerns.

Questions and Answers About Our SEO Service

We would like to address some of your questions before starting SEO projects with Easy Media. In order to avoid making mistakes during the 12-month SEO process, we have produced a list of frequently asked questions from our customers.

There are several keywords associated with your products and BLOG. Almost all of these keywords will bring you visitors who will become customers. Among online marketing methods, SEO is the most cost-effective and effective in terms of impact. The reason for this is that it is unknown which search will result in a visitor returning to sales, thus it is a process done by taking into consideration every term that may appear.

SEO ensures that keywords that can attract a large number of organic visitors regarding your products and BLOG are featured on the first page of search engines for your website. Be a result of your efforts, the visitor to your site is referred to as an organic visitor. Organic visitors from search engines offer several benefits over visitors from advertising sources

Organic traffic from search engines with SEO work provide a larger percentage of sales; in other words, the visitor who arrives after SEO work purchases more things. This is very normal because the Internet user arrived by manually looking for a product or service he need in a search engine. In summary, it is a visitor who understands exactly what he wants.

It is a statistical truth that people who find you on the first page of Google devote more time on your website than visitors who find you through other methods. The time spent on the site and the time spent navigating the pages are two of the most significant SEO metrics. We recommend that site operators use greater caution in this area.

In SEO, several tools are employed, each providing a particular purpose. Deepcrawl, Ahrefs, Ryte, Screaming Frog, Majestic, Search Console, Sitebulb, Ubersuggest, Google Analytics, MFI Checker, ZeoCrawlerKeyword Planner, CognitiveSEO, SEMrush, Similarweb, Ryte, Botify, and Oncrawl are some of the tools available. Easy Media develops such tools for you, interprets the data we collect at the conclusion of our assessments to meet your requirements, and reports it

In terms of organic traffic, a high-quality BLOG page that allows you to build genuine engagement with your target audience is quite successful. Aside from that, it increases the in-site link flow on the SEO side, allowing for the establishment of additional links connected to BLOG material. BLOG material also benefits brand visibility and reputation by leading users to sales channels and getting alternative backlinks through sharing.

The achievement of SEO activities should not be assessed just by the performance of the SEO companies with whom we collaborate. Our SEO agency’s responsibility is to reveal how existing problems should be fixed and to develop a plan based on competitive analysis. Technical adjustments are not required by your SEO consultant. Your consultant defines what the brand must do by describing how to overcome technological challenges, and the sooner the brand’s technical staff acts in this regard, the faster success is reached. Your SEO agency may identify the potential in your industry and offer information with you for your target visitors, but it is not healthy to promise success.

When conducting SEO work, do not make the mistake of thinking that by using it for a limited time, you will not need it afterwards. Google’s continually updated infrastructure and algorithms may deviate from the prior regulation. You should optimize your site in this approach by staying up to date on new advancements. As a result, studies are continually being produced, and changes might occur organically over time.

Making the right decision is the most important aspect of negative SEO effort, whether done purposefully or unintentionally. The SEO expert begins by reviewing any external links to the website that he or she believes have been exposed to negative SEO activity. Easy Media conducts this evaluation process using a variety of techniques. We employ several tools to obtain the most complete information during the research process and to offer work that will bring the best performance to our customers. During these analyses, the links that have a detrimental impact on the authority of the website are recognized, catalogued, and shared using Google’s disavow tool. Our purpose in doing this is to prove that it is a negative work done on purpose to undermine the authority of our website. In brief, Easy Media informs its clients by thoroughly evaluating the links from beginning to end, and then completes the process by guaranteeing that these connections are rejected using the Disavow Links Tool and removed from the website via Google Search Console.

Some SEO algorithms rely on user experience signals. This is not limited to SEO. We advocate improving user experience to guarantee that users have a positive experience when advertising on our websites.

SEO studies are often believed to take an average of 6 months to provide results. However, this time frame is partly dependent on the SEO agency’s effectiveness and the speed with which software flaws are addressed. We often observe the results in the first month of the SEO projects that we manage.

The reports are used to check the state of your site before we begin working on it, and at the end of each month, we discuss what procedures we employed during the month, what we will do next month, and the traffic statistics of your site throughout the month.

When selecting a SEO agency, ask questions such as prior study success, the competency of the SEO specialist or team to conduct the task, and whether the work is compliant with Google rules.

We make technical arrangements if Easy Media created the SEO website. In other circumstances, however, technical solutions are produced even if the site is not created by EASY Media.

The inclusion is totally dependent on the project’s scope of service. In the projects we handle, we frequently provide material for the sites’ BLOGs because it helps with SEO.

Search engine optimization is used to generate organic traffic. Although organic traffic takes longer to develop than other sectors, it is one of the most significant marketing channels for some websites.

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