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Social media platforms are the general name of platforms on the internet where companies, brands or individuals can express themselves to their target audience as they wish. Considering this definition, the reasons why social media is used so much can be easily understood. Individuals or brands can easily reach their target audience through social media without paying a relative fee. More importantly, they can share their perception, style and thoughts with people.
In addition, brands have the freedom to choose the social media platforms that best reflect what they want to say. They can choose Instagram if they want to promote through photos, Youtube if they want to reflect only with videos, Linkedin to be completely corporate or Snapchat to be entertainment-oriented, or Facebook for all of them.
Social media outperforms traditional media such as television, newspapers and films in terms of preferability. This is because
Social media platforms, which are more accessible than these channels, are suitable for everyone to use. In the traditional media, which is under control, messages cannot be changed after they emerge, but in social media, it is possible to intervene in posts and comments instantly. Social media is free in this sense. One of the biggest reasons why social media is preferred is the freedom of expression it offers.

What Does CRM Media Do for You on Social Media?
Content Management
Social media, which is constantly alive, needs to be fed regularly in an appropriate way. We adapt the values of your brand to social media and produce creative content in this direction. We prepare BLOG posts, videos, images and gifs and catch social media innovations.
Our social media accounts are followed regularly. Direct follower comments are answered immediately. Providing customer satisfaction in this way is very important for brand reputation.
Social Media Monitoring
Even if you are not on social media, people talk about your brand on social media! Or, even if you are on social media, they may not contact you directly. Since this is out of our control, it can grow like an avalanche without us realising it. Therefore, it is important to follow social media with appropriate programmes.
Online Reputation and Crisis Management
It predicts the crises that may occur about your brand, researches and creates scenarios. It then takes appropriate measures according to these scenarios. Our social media monitoring is done by our social media experts and the issues that may cause a crisis are determined. Measures are taken before the spread and the crisis is prevented.
Digital PR
Your brand, which is handled with a public relations focus, is managed with integrity. By choosing texts and images suitable for SEO, your brand accounts are organically ranked high in search engines. This is very important for social media marketing.
Social Media Management
In the digital ecosystem, users are in active communication with brands. Uncontrolled page and campaign management can lead to crises that are suicidal for the brand. Frequent crisis cases in Turkey and in the world prove that social media management for brands is a serious opportunity and a sensitive process.

Account Opening
In this step, all social media accounts of the company are opened, usernames are created in all of them and passwords are determined.

Planning & Strategy
In order to create a happy customer perception, relationships are made efficient for both parties by working on customer delivery that will arouse trust and curiosity.

It is the process of integrating the communication strategy developed based on the marketing methods created for the company's goals with the digital assets selected for the brand and creating a separate dynamic and strategic planning for each channel.

It is the reporting process carried out by scanning the digital environment and social media 24/7 and carried out with the help of special tools.

Frequently Asked Social Media Consultancy Questions

We wanted to answer some questions in your mind just before you start working on Social Media with Easy Medya. In order not to make wrong decisions during the monthly consultancy process, we have compiled frequently asked questions from our customers for you.

Social media management generally covers how these accounts should be used, what kind of action should be taken to grow the pages, image management and the ways and methods to be followed in times of crisis.

Social media platforms, which play an active role for brands and companies, are attractive areas where they can directly reach their targets for corporate companies. The products of the companies can be easily introduced to consumers through social media accounts. In this way, they can get feedback from consumers much faster and get information much more easily.

The reporting of social media accounts is carried out in 15 or 30-day periods. In these reports, it is of great importance to read the data correctly.

Sharing 1 or more than 1 post per day on accounts negatively affects interaction. To ensure that your target audience stays with you, it will be enough to share 15 posts per month.

Social media accounts are regularly monitored and follower comments are answered instantly. Acting in this way to ensure customer satisfaction is very important in terms of keeping the reputation of the brand high.

In order to promote your social network accounts easily, you need to use the same name on all social media accounts of your brand.

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