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TikTok Adverts

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What are TikTok Ads?
TikTok ads service you can also publish your own ads on TikTok, one of the most popular applications of recent times. TikTok, where many different content such as photos, videos and music are shared via Android and iOS devices, is a social media platform where short videos are created and published. Thanks to this application, 15-second short videos are prepared by adding various filters, effects and music. In addition to 15-second videos, users can also create 60-second videos by linking their total records to each other.
TikTok has been serving its users since 2019 and currently stands out with 800 million users worldwide. Having such a high number of users attracts the attention of many brands. TikTok, which took away the popularity of the Snapchat application in an instant, has grown rapidly worldwide and has reached a very important position today. It started to grow very quickly in a short time. This growth in TikTok in a short time has led to the emergence of its effects as a marketing tool

Reasons to Advertise TikTok
Many different reasons can be given for advertising on the TikTok application. The application, which has reached a wide user level in a very short time, is one of the leading names of advertisement publishing platforms with its popularity. So, what are the reasons for advertising TikTok? let's take a closer look.
• TikTok currently has more than 800 million active users.
• Worldwide, it is the 6th most popular application in terms of the number of active monthly users.
• It also has a download rate of over 1.5 billion from the Google Play and Apple Store app stores.
• In addition, it is used in 150 countries around the world.
• In 2019, it managed to become the most downloaded application in many different countries such as the USA, Japan, Korea and India.

What are TikTok Ad Options?
In order to advertise through the TikTok application, you must first have an advertising account. What you need to do to get an advertising account is to visit the TikTok Ads page and fill in the information requested from you. In addition, TikTok contains many different advertising options for the target audience and demographic characteristics of brands. These advertisement options appear as follows;
In-Stream Videos (In-Feed Video): The advertisements presented in the transitions between videos on the "For You" page within the TikTok application are defined as in-stream video ads.
Brand Takeover: These are the advertisement options seen by TikTok users before they start watching videos when the application is opened.
Hastag Ads: These are the adverts that appear on the discovery page of the application.
Branded AR Content: It is a type of advertisement created by any brand in the form of a special dance, song or sketch under the label. Influencer Ads: It is a type of sponsored advertisement created by TikTok users who are effective on the target audience

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