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Coding work done in computer environment for the control and acceleration of business processes is generally referred to as web software. All of the software and plug-ins on web server servers are within the scope of web software. While web design alone is insufficient, web software is much more useful when combined. It is of great importance to write web software correctly in order for the website to work correctly. For example, sites such as Facebook, Twiter and Yahoo, which are examples of the world's most famous web software, were created using popular software such as ASP.NET, PHP, JavaScript, Flash, Microsoft Silverlight.
As CRM Medya, we make the software of your websites that you can easily manage and offer special systems to your customers by coding with HTML5, CSS3, Php and Asp.net. For our customers who want to get web software service, we also offer web software applications with special panels for companies, and we develop software modules that will contribute by analysing the needs.
With Microsoft ASP.NET, PHP, HTML5 and CSS3 web software applications within CRM Medya, we create our software, which we have developed specifically for your company, 100% compatible with Google search engine and capable of carrying high hits. We offer you the hardware you need in high quality with our professional web software that will make a difference with its quality infrastructure.

Web Software Solutions with CRM Media
You can manage all your business online from a single channel with our web software covering all types of BLOG that require business management and online manageability. We can list a few examples of these as follows:
• B2B Solutions
• CMS Solutions
• Web Based Accounting
• ERP, CRM Solutions
• Web Software Solutions Specific to Your Project

In order for a web site whose web design is prepared to be manageable, firstly, a site analysis is made to determine the modules. Needs and demands are gathered together and an algorithm is created. The information transmitted by the customer, the demands and the complete collection of the web design are of great importance for the correct operation of the website.

In line with the algorithm created, the panel infrastructure that you can manage online is started to be coded using one of the software languages such as ASP.NET, PHP. The modules of the manageable areas on the website are prepared by considering the elements of easy usability for the person who manages the modules.

The panel, whose software is prepared to make the website coded as HTML + CSS manageable, is integrated into the web design. Design shifts that occur during integration are eliminated. Content additions are made and then support is provided for site management depending on the agreement.

After the management panel is prepared and integrated into the web design, the demo link is published and all the content is added to the site. The customer provides all the controls via the demo link and if the customer gives approval, the database is moved to the server of the domain name to be published, file transfer is made and published.

Frequently Asked Web Software Questions

We wanted to answer some questions in your mind just before you start web software work with Easy Medya. In order not to make wrong decisions in the software process, we have compiled frequently asked questions from our customers for you

Web software is software used to add features to websites coded in HTML. Thanks to these software, websites allow a person to edit through a panel without the need for coding knowledge.

Although our software developed within Easy Medya are package software, they are also software where special studies can be carried out in line with the needs of the company according to the nature of the project applied. Easy Medya includes all development requests that can add value on the software it develops in the software development pool and includes them in the planned updates. Apart from this, it also responds to very specific but indispensable development requests for companies.

The most distinctive feature that distinguishes web software from web design is that it has a dynamic infrastructure. While web design is the front face that the user can see, the web software running on the back side is the structure that forms the infrastructure of the content, visuals and other functional features that appear on the front side.

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